There’s a new game on the market, ANKI DRIVE. It’s a car game with cars that shoot on a mat and you control them on your ios device but the cool thing is that the other car knows what your doing and uses artificial intelligence to beat you.

By experiencedsitemaker

Cars 3?

Cars and Cars 2 have been a great success, but now some people are waiting for Cars 3. Rumors have spread that Cars 3 will eventually be made and will feature all the World Grand Prix plus the Piston Cup racers. However, most of the world doesn’t even know if Cars 3 will exist!

By experiencedsitemaker

Bigshot Camera

Newly released, the Bigshot camera is here! It comes as a camera kit for everyone! You can only buy it at Maker shed or for $89. You can look at the video in the featured tab, just keep scrolling until you find it.

By experiencedsitemaker